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Interior design  Custom furniture   upholstery   Designer fabrics   Leather   Slip covers   Pillows  Draperies   Drapery hardware   Shades   Cushions   Italian lights   Italian linens  wall paper          


Maufacturing at Fourth St. in Berkeley, CA  


Our clients have trusted Giocomo to beautify their homes with our creative solutions, competency in craftsmanship and design, since 1940.

Always using quality materials, caring for our customers and working intimately with them in problem solving has created loyalty, confidence and trust, making referrals the most valued part of our business.


At Giocomo we design and fabricate upholstered furniture, draperies, shades, slip covers, cushions and pillows. We represent designer fabrics, leather, Italian lights, Italian linens, and Murano tiles.

Showroom and manufacturing at fourth St. Location in Berkeley.

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